Sunday, October 28, 2007


Mitchell(18 months) is now climbing out of his crib. Of course Ben's out of town whenever I have these type of problems and I have to deal with them on my own so, I thought I would look to my fellow bloggers for advice. I found this crib enclosure online that you put on top of your crib, it looks like a little tent. I can't decide if it seems mean to trap him in there like that. So what would you do........? I just don't think he's ready for a bed and I'm concerned for his safety and my sanity!!

Caught in the act!! I grabbed my camera after nap time and told him to show me his new trick. He's such a hand full but so irresistible. I think it's funny that he takes the bottle with him. (I know, I know it's time to kick the bottle habit.)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Little Cheerleader

Ava and her good friend Meg Soffe got to be cheerleaders for a night at the Murray High Football game. She had the best time, I don't think she stopped jumping around and waving her pom poms all night.

A Trip to the E.R.

Ashton had a bad wreck on his scooter and spent the night in the Emergency Room on October 12. Luckily he only had a minor concussion and some bad road rash. I have a feeling we'll spend many more nights in the emergency room with our three very active little boys, especially Ashton. That boy has no fear.
He was so brave at the hospital, all the doctors and nurses fell in love with him. This picture was taken a few days later when all the swelling had gone down. He had a big fat lip for three days. He's had to stay off his scooter, bike, skateboard and trampoline for a week, which has been so hard for him.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

No More Tears

About a month ago my friend April posted on her blog that if you put a match between your teeth while cutting onion you won't cry. Well, it really worked! My eyes did sting a little but they stopped watering the second I put the match between my teeth. So enjoy this bit of info, try it and pass it on so we can end the onion tears.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Summer 2007

As Summer '07 comes to an end I thought I would post some of our favorite memories. With Ben in San Francisco most of the Summer we were unable to take a family vacation so we kept busy watching the boys play soccer and baseball, swimming, visiting family, and playing with our cousins and friends. Peyton spent a lot of time at the skate park, Ashton mastered the Razor scooter, and Ava learned to ride her princess bike. Summer Ended with Peyton starting 1st Grade and the twins going to preschool. And best of all Annie and Gary gave us our new cousin Lydia Anne Cannon.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


On Friday I packed up the kids and drove to Denver to visit Colette and her kids. Ben and Mark are in West Virginia with their other Jen, Julie, Kevin and their Mom. My Grandma Taylor drove with us and enjoyed a weekend away. She did great in the car with the kids. They were pretty good considering they were stuck in car seats for 9 hours.

We had a great time shopping, eating good food and playing with the kids. Peyton, Ashton and Nate played Guitar Hero nonstop and Jesi and Ava shut themselves in Jesi's room so Mitch and Gavin wouldn't wreck their stuff. Mitch and Gav had a few fights and for now Mitch seems to be winning. But, it won't be long until Gavin realizes He's twice Mitchells size.

The kids begged to stay a few more days, they're sad Uncle Markie wasn't home to play with them. I wish I had some pictures but Ben and Mark took our cameras on their vacation. I'm glad I made the effort to come, The kids had the best time with their cousins. And, Colette and I had fun too.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Mitchell is the cutest 1 year old I've ever seen. He's also the wildest! I honestly don't know if I'm going to survive Mitchell through his toddler years. He never stops moving, wining, climbing, jumping, and begging. And if he's does take a break from his activity he's hanging on me wanting to be held. Of course this occurs while I'm trying to make dinner, do homework with Peyton, and get ready for Ben to come home.

Even though he can frustrating at times, he makes me laugh. He's so funny and so cute that even when he's making me crazy I can't help but hug and kiss all over him. That face of his is so precious and angelic especially when he's up to no good. I can't imagine our family without Mitchie!!

Happy 4th Birthday Ash & Ava

On October 1st Ashton and Ava turned 4. We kicked off the party weekend on Saturday with a friend party. Ava invited 8 friends over for a hula party. We dressed up in hula skirts and flower necklaces and made seashell picture frames. Her friends gave he lots a wonderful, girly presents.

Ashton wanted to go miniature golfing but because it snowed he opted for bowling at Fat Cats with Dylan Larson, Peyton, Cole, Carter and of course Dad. They came back to the house and opened presents and ate cupcakes.

That night we had grandpas, grandmas, aunts, uncles and cousins over for pizza and cake and ice cream. It was a fun and exciting day. Ben and I are still recovering three days later. I love to throw birthday party's for my children. I hope it makes them feel extra special for a day.

Four years ago I was more exhausted than I am today. I couldn't believe I had two little angles to take care of. It seemed so overwhelming at the time. I think we survived the hardest part of twins, until they're teenagers anyway. I love four year olds and am so excited to have two of them in our home. They're such amazing little people. Happy Birthday Ash & Ava. You're both Loved very much!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Toothless Peyton

On September 25 Peyton lost his first tooth. He's been waiting for this day for a long time. Most of his friends have lost several teeth by now. He was eating peanuts with Ben when he felt something hard in his mouth. He spit it out and was so surprised to find his tooth. Lucky he didn't swallow it. The tooth fairy came and left him a whole dollar. I can't believe how my little boy is growing up.