Saturday, June 14, 2008

Akumal, Mexico. . . Land of the Turtles

Vacation Highlights:
-Leaving Mitchell with Aunt Colette. I was so sad to leave him home but once I got there I realized that I had made a great decision. Thanks Aunt Colette, sorry about all the bite marks on Gavin.
-Flying there on two different Mexican airlines. They were a thousand times better than the US airlines. What's up with that?
-The Mexico City airport. Wow what an experience.
-Thinking we were late for our connecting flight to Cancun. Ben running through the airport. We were an hour off on the time change.
-The kids on the airplane, they were so good throughout the entire travel process(and it was a major process)
-Watching Ash on the plane. He's getting so grown up, I never heard him complain.
-Throwing a fit about getting the wrong room when we arrived at 2 am then deciding we liked it so Ben told them we'd stay in that room but needed to be credited one night for the inconvenience.
-The most stunning beach I've ever seen!!
-Ava staying in the ocean all day.
-Ava's major sunburn. I felt like the worst Mom(I cried it was so bad), I put sunscreen on her three times but I guess I should have know better. My kids did inherit their Dad's powder white skin.
-Spending time with the Witzel family.
-Uncle Wayne's awesome Pirate map and treasure hunt. The twins still think it was real. Thanks Wayne!
-Ben and I laughing at our cranky kids in Tulum. I think this really ticked the kids off, sorry guys but sometimes Mom and Dad have to laugh or we'll cry too.
-Paying 5 dollars, yes dollars not pesos to take a picture with my own camera of my kids holding a stinky lizard.
-Cam, Makell, and Ashlyn playing with my kids. You guys are so great!!
-Cam dancing with Ava at the wedding reception. So Cute...I hope you become part of the fam too.
-Getting a thousand mosquito bite at Auk Tun Chen.
-Ashton getting bit by the green bird as Ben went to set it on his shoulder.
-Snorkeling with Ben
-Snorkeling with Peyton. I'm so proud of you, you were amazing.
-Watching a huge turtle swim up right next to Peyton.
-Seeing amazing sea life-turtles, sting rays, sea urchins, coral reefs, and so many beautiful fish.
-Watching a major tropical storm roll in then dump rain on us for five hours.
-Spending precious time with my grandparents.
-Reading two books in 4 days.
-Watching my children play and discover a new place
-Eating lots of yummy food.
-Looking for "she" shells with the twins.
-Watching Peyton play volleyball with all the big guys.
-Spending time with Scott and Shelley and their kids.
-Ben's acting skills during the treasure hunt. Sorry babe but I don't think you'll get the Oscar this year.
-I really missed Ryan and Annie and their families, wish you guys could have been there.
-Melina, such a beautiful bride.
-Ava as the flower girl. She was so excited and looked like an angel.
-Ash, not sure about his ring bearer responsibilities.
-Melina and Bart, so in LOVE! and happy.
-Watching Ava dance. She was in her own little world.
-Watching the entire party watch Ava dance. She was the center of attention, sorry Melina.
-Ash falling asleep in the middle of dinner three times.
-Ash falling asleep at the wedding and everyone talking pictures of him.
-Most of all spending quality time on a much needed and deserved vacation with the ones I love and cherish the most(except Mitch, we really did miss you).
-Being back home in the good old USA!
-My own bed!

The Wedding

Our main reason for going to Mexico was to celebrate Melina and Barton's marriage. Ava was the flower girl and Ash was the ring bearer. They chose to be married in Akumal, Mexico because My Aunt Kris and Uncle Wayne have taken their family vacations to Akumal for the past 10 years and have fallen in love with the land, water and Mayan people. They had a traditional Mayan ceremony, which was very interesting. The wedding and reception were both amazing.
Melina was a stunning bride Sisters...Marissa, Melina, and AmelyaKris and her girls

Handsome Boys

The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
The Ceremony
The Wedding Party

Ava stole the show...she danced all nightTHE END

Friday, June 6, 2008

Peyton's Big Awards

Peyton has been such a great student this year. He earned straight E's(excellents) on his report card, and was such a big help in the class room. He was awarded the Clove Award for outstanding all around 1st grader in his class and the Sportsmanship Award from the P.E. department. Way to go Peyton!!

Last Day of School

Peyton loved Miss Angie, She made school so fun.
More Friends

Drive In Movie Car

Peyton had a drive in movie day at school and had to design and create his own car. He had fun with his Dad coming up with this cool truck. When I asked him who had the best car of course he thought it was his. Thanks to the best Dad ever for helping him finish the project at midnight.