Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PreSchool Graduation

I can't believe my twins have finished their second year of preschool. I'm so amazed at how they've matured and how much they've learned this year. They have loved Miss Lorie and Avery who've been their teachers for the past two years. The class did the cutest little program. They sang songs and memorized a poem that they recited with their friends. Although they're more than ready for kindergarten they have to wait one more year because of their October birthday. I've decided to keep them home with me next year (which I hope doesn't back fire) and let them do some fun extra curricular activities and do reading, writing and math at home. I love these two little 4 year olds (my favorite age) I wish they could be 4 forever.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Wheels Came Off

Ashton is growing up way to fast. Saturday he learned to ride his bike without training wheels. It was so fun to watch him as he was so nervous one minute and totally getting the hang of it the next minute. Now we can't keep him off it!

High School Musical 3

Friday night my cousin called and said "how fast can you get to East High School....they opened the set and I can bring three guests to watch the filming." She is working on props for High School Musical 3 and promised Ava she'd bring her to the set whenever she can. We flew to East High and the girls were in heaven, they were so excited and didn't want to leave. We got to watch them sing and dance. We saw all the cast members perform except Sharpey and Ryan. When we dropped Roni off at her props trailer we did she Ashley Tisdel coming out of her trailer. They don't allow cameras inside, the girls really wanted a picture of Troy:)!Marli and Makell were visiting from Cache Valley and were so excited to come with us. Thanks Uncle Scott for waiting until 11pm to drive them home.

Posing with the Wildcats State Basketball trophy.