Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School

3rd Grade


Monday, August 24, 2009

A Summer of Fun

Summer Highlights:
* Lots of June rain, which made everything so green and beautiful.
* Swimming lessons with all our neighborhood friends.
* Melting while watching 2 hours of swimming lessons.
* Lots of swimming at Aunt Annie's pool and Park Place with the Beckstroms.
* Hanging out with Grandma Janet every Friday.
* Late night walks and bike rides.
* 4th of July "Stay"cation at the Cannon's with the whole family.
* Yummy BBQs.
* Park City with the Beckstrom Family.
*Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house.
* Lagoon- twice! Once with Aunt Pat, Gigi, Kendall, Grandma Janet, Annie, Lydia and once with our fun little family.
* Peyton, Ash and Ava going on ALL the big rides.
* Steamboat, CO dinner and Alpine Slide.
* Watching Grandma Janet on the Alpine slide and the lift going up!
* Visiting the Johnson Family in Colorado.
* Mitchell getting his hair cut.
* Summer baseball and t-ball.
* Lots of Dance performances.
* Raging Waters with the Witzel Family.
* Playing with friends.
* Summer piano group lessons.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spring Recap

Easter Sunday

My first big race - Salt Lake City Half Marathon

I had the world's best fans!

Ashton and Ava loved playing soccer with their friends Luke and Cooper.

We found out that Ava is a very good little soccer player
and of course stopped to pose for a quick picture.
Ash ready to stop the ball!

Peyton joined the cub scouts.

I spent 10 day in Mexico with my Grandma, two aunts, and three cousins.
Best girls trip ever!! The only thing that would have made it better is if my Mom, Annie and Jesi could have come with us.

I have the best husband! He took care of the house and kids so I could do this for 10 days. It was the most relaxing trip and so much fun to be with some of my favorite ladies.

Spending time with my amazing grandma was priceless.

We've been watching these two cuties sing and dance.

Last days of 2nd Grade

Best friends

Miss Bryant and Peyton

We've had a very busy spring but it's been really fun watching the kids grow and excel doing the activities they love. I feel so bad we didn't take any pictures of Peyton playing baseball. He did so well, especially the second half of the season. His hitting was awesome. We're so excited that summer is finally here. We just wish it would stop raining so we could hit the pool!

Our visit to Colorado-April 2009

We went to meet these little guys!
Sweet twin boys born 13 weeks early weighing just over 2lbs each. They are now 4 months old and well over 8lbs. These little guys are such a blessing to their family.
Amazing little miracles!
Handsome Ash lovin' the Castle Rock pool
Pizza and cousins- It doesn't get any better than that!Long distance BFF's!!
Crazy Mitch doing the kiddie pool Mitchie style.

Friday, April 10, 2009

March Madness

March is always a busy month around the Johnson house. We have 2 birthdays and an anniversary to celebrate, this year we added Yog for 10 days(Ben's good friend from high school), an alumni basketball tournament, baseball practice, a sick little Mitchell for most of the month, the Zoo, and a Baptism!! Here's a quick recap in photos:

This is the only thing Mitch wanted for his Birthday- a John Deere tractor and trailer.

The homemade cake turned out great!

I love this picture of Ben and Mitch.

We got in a zoo visit before it snowed again.

Peyton's first piano recital.

Peyton's big day!

I can't believe I have an 8 year old. He was so excited and cute the whole day.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mitchell Turns 3!!

Into Everything

Spoiled by his siblings

Such a handsome Little Boy

Brothers and Best Friends

We are so excited to have a BIG 3 year old at our house. Mitch is a handful but we can't imagine our family without him, He's such a fun little guy to have around. He loves tractors and trucks, helping mom cook (he told us he wants to be a Bonsai cooker when he grows up), being outside digging in the dirt and working with his tools on anything -especially the walls which have lots of kicks to prove it. Calling him active would be an understatement, he doesn't stop moving until his head hits the pillow at night.
We love you Mitch!!
Happy 3rd Birthday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Thinkin' he's the coach!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's GREAT to be 8!!

Here are 8 of my favorite things about Peyton:

1 He's a very good friend. Whenever I volunteer in his class I see first hand how much he's loved by his peers. I can tell they look up to him and admire him. He treats everyone with kindness and is very loyal. He's a leader and he doesn't even realize it!

2 He has worked so hard on his piano this past year and is doing very well because of all the practicing he does. I love that he wants to learn the piano, it's something I regret not doing myself and I admire his dedication.

3 He loved his first season of basketball and gave it his all. He was awarded defender of the week twice and his team was undefeated.

4 He lives in the moment. He really gets into what he's doing, he puts his whole heart into it and soaks it up.

5 Peyton in an excellent student. He's super smart and loves to learn new things.

6 He's an amazing big brother to Ashton, they've become best friends. I love the way they make each other laugh.

7 Peyton knows right from wrong and is usually very good about doing what's right. He sets a quite example for those around him.

8 He has a huge heart and an explosive temper. Luckily we don't see the temper very often.

(I think he secretly switched to a Utah fan after sharing a suite with these guys at a Jazz game! Don't tell his Dad)

New Bike from Mom and Dad

After his final basketball game of the season

Happy Birthday "P"!! You're a great kid and Mom and Dad love you very much. Thanks for being such a fun, bright and passionate member of our family. I know being the oldest is sometimes hard, thanks for being patient with me. You contribute so much and we love being your parents. I hope your 8Th year is one of your best. You have so much to look forward to.

Love Mom

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time for an update

I haven't been in the blogging mood lately but I thought I should jot down a few of my thoughts and some things that have been happening in my life before I forget.

- Everyone kept saying that 2009 was going to be such a great year. Not so much for my family. Losing my sweet Grandma Mae has been such a hard thing to go through. Maybe because the loss of my Dad is still so fresh or maybe it just happened too fast or maybe someone dying just stinks. The hardest part of the the whole thing has been watching my Mom say good bye to her mom and her and her brothers having to sort through 83 years of memories.

- Another thing that really stinks about 2009 is that it's the first year of my life without my Dad. I miss him so much! I miss talking to him everyday, I miss his smell, his no nonsense advice, watching him watch my kids and most of all his love and tender heart.

- My sister in law gave birth to identical twin boys today. 13 week early!! I've been praying my heart out for this darling family. The babes seem to be holding their own so far, I'll keep praying and sending good thoughts their way. I wish they didn't live so far away. That's 3 sets of twins in Ben's family, crazy isn't it! I can't believe how blessed we were during my pregnancy and birth of our twins. 39 weeks I kept those babies in me, 6lb 4oz and 6lbs 8 oz, what a miracle. Ash and Ava have been such a blessing in our family. They teach me so much about life, patience, unconditional love, and sacrifice.

-The inauguration of President Obama was a spectacular thing to witness. I loved his speech and was impressed with the entire days events. It was nice to have the country united for one day at least. Now it seems like Washington is back to business as usual. 830 billion dollars, is this really the only solution to our economic troubles? President Obama says the bill isn't perfect, shouldn't it be? I feel like we're being scared into this thing just like we were with the bank bail out and look how that's turning out.

On a much brighter note:

-Peyton has been playing basketball and is loving it! He's on a really good team, they've one every game so far and he was named defensive player of the week last week. He's also preparing for his baptism next month, he can hardly wait!

- Ash and Ava are getting a little board and wish they were in school like they're big brother. I've loved having them home with me and have enjoyed teaching them math and reading. I can't believe how they've taken off. Such smarty pants!

- Mitch is still Mitch! He challenges me everyday. It's a good thing he's so dang cute. He can't wait to turn 3 and has quite a wish list for this birthday!

- Ben's been super busy at work and comes home late most every night. During this challenging economic time I try not to complain about the long hours. I'm grateful he has such a good job and loves what he does. We cherish the time we get to spend together as an family.

Well, there's a little update mostly for my own record and to let my blogging friends know that I'm still here. We have a lot of fun things coming up in the next few months that I'm looking forward.