Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday!

I can't believe my sweet twins turned 7 on October 1st!

Here are 7 of my favorite things about them at age 7:


1. Has such a tender heart. He loves his siblings, his friends, babies and especially animals.

2. Amazes me with his intelligence.

3. Very athletic. He scored 2 touch downs in his football game last week.

4. Is obsessed with everything birds. He reads lots of bird books and is constantly asking questions about birds. (He asks lots of deep questions about everything that I rarely have the answers to.)

5. Works very hard at playing the piano, which come naturally to him.

6. He has lost 7 teeth which makes his smile look more like a jack-o-lantern than a little boy.

7. Loves to relax in a hot bath and would several times a day if I would let him.


1. Such a sweet heart. She is so kind and loving. She has so many friends and always has a play date lined up.

2. She is working so hard in school, especially in reading.

3. She works hard on piano which doesn't come easy to her. She's like me when it comes to reading music. I'm so proud of how hard she works to play her songs.

4. She loves fashion and carefully plans out her clothes each day.

5. Does cartwheels and round offs non stop. She loves her new tumbling class and is working hard to do the splits.

6. Loves her grandmas, and is always wanting to visit them. She loves to sleep over at grandma Janet's every Friday.

7. She is so fun to hang out with. She's always up for a shopping trip or a day of errands.

These twins have always been such a blessing in our home. Twins can be a lot of work and are sometimes high maintenance but their laughter, huge hearts and adventurous spirits have always out weighed the exhaustion. I just wish they would stop growing up so fast.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School

Summer Highlights

School was finally out for Summer!!
Hiking Stewart Falls with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Demri, and Brinli

Taking a snack/drink break on the trail!

Posing in the Lake

Lots of fun fishing trips with Dad!

Visiting Temple Square.

Taking Marli to the State Capital.

Checking out the Great Salt Lake, which we realized isn't so GREAT!!

Kennecott Copper Mine with G.G.

Learning to ride a bike without training wheels.

Nate getting the Aaronic Priesthood on the Susquehanna River.

New York City

Piano Recital and summer piano camp.

Last Clayton performance. Yay!!

Playing with friends at the ballpark.
Ashton playing baseball

Peyton playing baseball!
We had such a fun summer. I had all the kids write down the top 5 things they wanted to do this summer and I think we did them all except a Bee's game which is coming up. Some other fun activities that we didn't document with photos include:
Swimming, swimming and more swimming
Swimming lessons
Raging Waters
Lagoon (twice)
Track and field
Golf lessons with friends and cousins
flag football camp
Cheer camp
Lots of sleepovers with cousins
Peyton learning to wake board & ride a dirt bike
Yummy BBQ's
Going to the Pancake House with Grandma Janet
Family bike rides
Murray Pool with friends
Sleeping in
Being Lazy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We had the most wonderful family vacation to California.
Some thoughts and highlights from our trip:
*The kids were so good in the car on the long drive.
*Swimming in St. George.
*Wishing I had a second home in St. George.
*Going to the beach.
*Watching Mitch discover the beach for the first time.
*The hotel was perfect for our family.
*Watching the crazy people at the hotels free breakfast!
*The kids being so excited to finally get to Disneyland.
*Mitch being tall enough to go on most the ride.
*He loved Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Star Tours,
Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion.
*Ash, Ava, and Peyton loving California Screamin' and always trying to get the front.
*Running on the rides over and over, there were NO lines!
*Mitch trying to talk to Captain Jack on Pirates.
*Peyton, Ash and Ava being fearless!
*Ben and I having just as much fun as the kids.
*Wonderful weather.
*Leaving the snow and cold home!
My memories of this trip go on and on. The best part for me was leaving our stress and busy schedules and spending uninterrupted time with my family. I LOVE going on vacation with my kids, they're so much fun and such little troupers. This was our best family vacation so far.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School

3rd Grade