Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time for an update

I haven't been in the blogging mood lately but I thought I should jot down a few of my thoughts and some things that have been happening in my life before I forget.

- Everyone kept saying that 2009 was going to be such a great year. Not so much for my family. Losing my sweet Grandma Mae has been such a hard thing to go through. Maybe because the loss of my Dad is still so fresh or maybe it just happened too fast or maybe someone dying just stinks. The hardest part of the the whole thing has been watching my Mom say good bye to her mom and her and her brothers having to sort through 83 years of memories.

- Another thing that really stinks about 2009 is that it's the first year of my life without my Dad. I miss him so much! I miss talking to him everyday, I miss his smell, his no nonsense advice, watching him watch my kids and most of all his love and tender heart.

- My sister in law gave birth to identical twin boys today. 13 week early!! I've been praying my heart out for this darling family. The babes seem to be holding their own so far, I'll keep praying and sending good thoughts their way. I wish they didn't live so far away. That's 3 sets of twins in Ben's family, crazy isn't it! I can't believe how blessed we were during my pregnancy and birth of our twins. 39 weeks I kept those babies in me, 6lb 4oz and 6lbs 8 oz, what a miracle. Ash and Ava have been such a blessing in our family. They teach me so much about life, patience, unconditional love, and sacrifice.

-The inauguration of President Obama was a spectacular thing to witness. I loved his speech and was impressed with the entire days events. It was nice to have the country united for one day at least. Now it seems like Washington is back to business as usual. 830 billion dollars, is this really the only solution to our economic troubles? President Obama says the bill isn't perfect, shouldn't it be? I feel like we're being scared into this thing just like we were with the bank bail out and look how that's turning out.

On a much brighter note:

-Peyton has been playing basketball and is loving it! He's on a really good team, they've one every game so far and he was named defensive player of the week last week. He's also preparing for his baptism next month, he can hardly wait!

- Ash and Ava are getting a little board and wish they were in school like they're big brother. I've loved having them home with me and have enjoyed teaching them math and reading. I can't believe how they've taken off. Such smarty pants!

- Mitch is still Mitch! He challenges me everyday. It's a good thing he's so dang cute. He can't wait to turn 3 and has quite a wish list for this birthday!

- Ben's been super busy at work and comes home late most every night. During this challenging economic time I try not to complain about the long hours. I'm grateful he has such a good job and loves what he does. We cherish the time we get to spend together as an family.

Well, there's a little update mostly for my own record and to let my blogging friends know that I'm still here. We have a lot of fun things coming up in the next few months that I'm looking forward.