Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few December Photos

Ava's final singing/dance performance.
I'm so glad we found Clayton, Ava loves it so much. They had so many Christmas performances which kept us very busy but Ava loved every minute of it. She even shed a few tears getting ready for the final show, I however did not!
Thanks Grandma and Annie for the flowers and support.

Cutest twins EVER!!

Mitch and Santa

Excited boys!

Ava and Santa

Peyton and Santa

Ash and Santa

Abbey and Ava

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

The kids love going out in the cold but as for me. . . . .

I'm ready for summer! I know I sound like a big grump, but I hate putting snow clothes on my kids(they cry and wine until everything feels just right...(can you say OCD) and then stay outside for 10 mins.), my clean floors are dirty and wet, there are snow clothes strung all over the house, my kids are board, my house is a mess, Mitchell's nose won't stop running, and I have tons of shopping to do but refuse to take my kids out on the roads in the blizzard. So...if you don't get a gift, a card or a plate of candy from me this year just know that I do love you, I'm just throwing in the towel! I think I'll watch a movie with my cute little kiddies and let everything else go!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Festival of Trees

Ben's two sisters and mom decorated a tree with Dale's Santa collection for the Festival of Trees this year. When I walked up to the tree I was overwhelmed with memories of Dale and his love for the Christmas season, I know he would have been so pleased to see his collection of on display for so many to enjoy. We went early in the day because of Ava's performance so it wasn't crowded, Peyton must have stared at the tree for 20 mins. The hostess asked him to tell her all about his Grandpa so she could tell his story to the people who came to view the tree. He couldn't believe that we were giving grandpa's collection away, I think he would have packed it up and took it home right then if he could have. The tree turned out great, Dale would have loved it!

November Review

We've had a fun and busy November and beginning of December. My goal was to have my shopping done by December 1st and here it is the 4th and I haven't started, and I'm not even stressed!(Yet)

I just wanted to document a few highlights of what we've been doing this past month:

*Ben and I went to Chicago/Milwaukee for Adnan's wedding. We had a great little get away without the kids and got to visit some places we'd never been before. The wedding was so beautiful, we couldn't be happier for Adnan and his hew wife, Kristen.

*Ben went to Denver to visit his brother and go to the BYU vs Air force game for his birthday.

*The kids and I had fun going to movies, hanging out with grandma, and ordering in for dinner while he was gone.

*Mitchell decided he didn't want to wear diapers anymore and potty trained himself. I can't believe how easy it was. YEAH Mitch! No more diapers at our house. . .EVER!

*Ashton got his cast off.

*Mark and Colette came to stay at our house for a few days for Thanksgiving. We love it when they come, we pretend like we're on vacation too. Ava had so much fun having Jessi around, she was so sad when she left.

*We celebrated Thanksgiving twice, once at our house with the Johnson family and then at my Grandma and Grandpa Taylor's.

*Ava started her singing and dancing performances. Which is a big part of why I haven't started my Christmas shopping.