Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

Santa stopped by our house the Saturday before Christmas just to make sure he knew what everyone wanted and to remind the children to be good. Mitchell loved him, I thought for sure he'd freak out.

All dressed up for church the Sunday before Christmas. The primary kids sang two songs in the program. Ava usually stills the show with her animation but, this year it was all Ashton when he picked his nose, looked at it for half the song, then ate it. Ben and I were so proud!:)
On Christmas Eve the kids got to open their new pj's and a Christmas book. We had a great time remembering the true meaning of Christmas.
The boys were so excited on Christmas when Santa came through. They finally got the Playstation and Guitar Hero they've been begging for.
Christmas was so much fun this year. The kids are at the best ages to capture the magic of the season. I loved being with family and friends and eating good food and sharing memories. (Although I don't want to see a ham or funeral potatoes until Easter).

Holiday Festivities!

December has flown by, I can't believe I've gotten so behind on my blog. I've been sick since the day after Thanksgiving and finally went to the Dr. on the 22nd and got an antibiotic. Despite the sickness I managed to pull of a great Christmas ( just patting myself on the back a little). We've had lots of fun enjoying all the wonders of the season. Here are a few pictures of our month.

McMillan Elementary does a production of the Nutcracker every Christmas. Peyton was a Pennywhistle along with his best friend Jake. He had such a great time practicing and performing. The first grade also went to the Capital theater to see Ballet West's Nutcracker.

Ava and her dance class after their Christmas recital. She also had a performance at the Festival of Trees,

We had the best time making gingerbread houses. Mitchell couldn't wait to get his hands on the candy the next morning.

Peyton, Ashton, Cole and Carter showing off their new hats that Grandma and Pa Taylor gave them for Christmas.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow Day

The first major snow of the year is always so much fun. Ben and the kids stayed out there for hours. I think this was the first time Mitchell had played in snow, he didn't last long, he wouldn't wear his gloves so his little hands turned into Popsicles.

Mitchell had a blast playing in the snow.

Peyton posing for the camera.

I love this picture of Ashton just feeling the snow hit his little face.

Ben on Peyton's snowboard trying out the little hill they made.